In the very many years that I, JT Horenstein, have been directing and producing large scale corporate events, commercials, TV specials, etc....I have never met any one easier and better to work with than Jennifer.... When we met this past season in Phoenix, AZ...we were given the task of styling over 30 dancers, 60 models and special guest stars in 5-10 looks each....a huge undertaking for anyone, especially in the limited time we had together (1.5 days to shop, style and fix over 150 looks).... Jennifer pulled this off like a real pro.... AND, she was wonderful and very easy to work and collaborate with. She is the perfect addition to any one's creative team and I would hire her again a split second!!!.... Her innate sense of style, amazing and undying work ethic, as well as her understanding of both the client's (Reebok International) needs combined with the physical needs of the models, dancers, etc....(and throwing my creative design and plan into the mix as well....) is the perfect recipe and balance for an amazingly successful project.... I wish I had met Jennifer many years ago, so I could have been working with her all of this time....but I will consider myself lucky to have finally gotten the chance to meet and work with her....she certainly calmed my nerves and really got the job done in a very high end and first class way.... on a scale of 1 to 10....she scores a 10....with flying colors!!!!! Just a note about the scope of my background... I have been Creative Director for NIKE for the past 3 seasons, Artistic Director for Reebok, Samsung, Sony, Mc Donalds, Mercedes, Harry Winston, as well as Dance Producer/ Choreogrpaher for Many hit shows on ABC (Dancing and Skating with the Stars), NBC (The SIng Off, Suddenly Susan, Mad About you), CBS (Fran Drescher Show and The nanny), FOX (A new Mark Brazil Comedy Pilot) and MTV (America's Best Dance Crew and the MTV Music/ Movie awards)....also directed and choreographed world tours for Bette Midler, Liza minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Garth Brooks, brooks and Dunne, My Chemical Romance, Ricky Martin, etc....and have directed, coached and created for many celebs such as Brook Sheilds, Kathy Griffin, LL Cool J, Nicole Sherzinger, Smokey Robinson, Natasha Bettingfield, Jack's Mannequin, Sean Lennon, Helen Hunt, Carol Burnette, Rosie O'Donnell, and the list goes on..... My most recent credits are the restaging of the new pre Broadway Company of The Rocky Horror Show (Old Globe Theatre in San Diego), Volkswagen commercials, Verizon Commercials, The Muppet Movie with Jason Segal (on the dance team) Fame, the remake of the movie (as the on camera choreographer,) and many dance- based concerts around the globe (the last and most current being at The Alvin Ailey Theatre in NYC)....all very A-list jobs....and Jennifer O'Bannon fits right in to that mix.... I wish her nothing but the best in her career....Hire will not regret it!!!!

Thanks for your time,
JT Horenstein
Producer/ Director and Choreographer...

Jennifer is a hard working, intuitive, fast and very professional style editor. Her understanding of concepts and adding to the ideas is fabulous. She is extremely resourceful and can improvise the set quickly adding touches that bring the flair of the shot together. We worked on several ideas and I can say easily that I am most happy as were my editors. I'm looking forward to working on many more ideas.

​Amyn Nasser is from Zanzibar . He's a self-taught visualist, shooting fashion, beauty, celebrities, advertising, nudes and fine art since 1981. His published work includes Vogue (Italy, France, Germany), Harper's Bazaar (Germay, Italy, France), Elle (France, Italy, Spain, Japan, US, Canada), L'Officiel Paris, Cosmopolitan (France, Italy, Germany, US), Marie Claire (France, US, Italy), Mens Health, Max, Amica, Votre Beauté, Glamour (France, Italy), 100 Cose, Depeche Mode, Jardin des Mode, and more. Advertising clients include Morgan, Hermés, Tommy Hilfiger, JC Castelbajac, Daniel Hechter, Etienne Aigner, OuiSet, Austin Reed, J Crew amongst others.


Amyn Nasser, International Photographer

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